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Version 3.3.6 Demo

Please choose from three types. All have the same function.

For corporate users.

Installation requires Windows administrator privileges.
If you do not have the authority, ask the administrator of your PC to install it.

For those who are accustomed to operating a PC.

After unzipping the zip file, execute TFVDemo.exe in the folder to start it.

Microsoft Store version

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For personal user.

You can install it from the Microsoft Store.
It is relatively safe as it has passed Microsoft's review.

Demo version limitation.

1. Files cannot be read or saved.
2. Wavelength range cannot change (380-780nm).
3. Incident Angle range cannot change (0-45degrees).
4. Only Quartz and Air(n=1) are included as a substrate and incident medium.
5. Only MgF2 and TiO2 are included as a film material.
6. Refractive index value can not be inputted directly.
7. The range of adjustment of refractive index and absorption coefficient (dn, dk) is limited to ±0.05.
8. The demo version is intended for evaluation purposes only.

This software cannot be distributed to third parties (distribution within an organization is fine).

Notes on installer exe format

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Users Guide Japanese (pdf)
Users Guide Chinese-Traditional (pdf)